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    Install CentOS 6 kernel updates with dependencies with Bladelogic 8.5.01

      In the process of install Centos kernel updates using a blpackage and keep getting failures with dependencies.  I have reviewed the previous discussion How to install RPM with dependencies in BBSA v8 but still have issues with the dependency items even though all required files are part of the blpackage. 


      Brief review, I have added the RPM's to the Depot via New-Software-RPM then created a blpackage with the five required rpm's contained in the required installation order.  When I deploy to my test server I get an error related to files dependent upon others and the job fails.  The only way I have been able to get the deployment to run successfully was to add the syntax "rpm --nodeps -Uvh" to the Cmd line for each item. 


      My understanding was that the rpm installer automatically recognized the installation files and installed in the correct order, but this is not happening in the blpackage.  If I run the command from the command line everything installs correct.  Am I missing something or will Centos kernel updates not install correctly if they have dependencies via the blpackage?  Thanks in advance for the help!