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    BSA: Changing a custom server property TYPE?

    Abid Khemiss

      Hi Bladland,


      It used to be impossible to change the property TYPE after it has been created.


      I wonder if I miss anything and if we improve or make possible.


      I  add a quick look at the blcli and nothing seems to have change you can change NAME but not TYPE.


      blcli_execute PropertyInstance setOverriddenValue "Class://SystemObject/SERVER/LOCATION" NAME "TEST"


      I want to change location type from String to EnumString.






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          Niranjay Bharati

          There is no straight way to rename the property type once it has been created. If the property is not consumed in any of the blade objects i.e. bldeploy job or anything else then you can delete it and recreate it with the desired type.


          I would say try deleting all of its references wherever it is getting consumed within BSA and then cleanup the database. Then try deleting the property to see if its really getting deleted.

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