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    How to redirect bldeploy messages to local syslog

    Gurneet Singh Chopra

      Customer has asked to capture bldeploy (Transactions) log into linux local syslog.


      I am able to redirect rscd logs into local syslog by doing the following change in the log4crc.txt file:


      <category name="rscd" priority="info1" appender="syslog"/>


      However, i am not able to direct the bldeploy logs into syslog. I am using below syntax in log4crc.txt file:


      <category name="bldeploy" priority="debug" appender="syslog"/>


      I need help with the exact syntax on how to direct bldeploy logs into local syslog of linux? The requirement is to capture both rscd and bldeploy logs locally into syslog.