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    Deploy Job - pre command with argument fails

    James Donohue


      I have a Deploy job that requires a pre-command with an argument always fails.


      The command is:

      • /var/tmp/stage/GWIM/Ent/StartStopApp/StartStopApps.sh stop


      • The Error is:
        • Warning Jan 29, 2016 5:06:33 PM /var/tmp/1e037db2c201389483b9ce133aa7b76e.bat: line 3: StartStopApps.sh: command not found 
        • Warning Jan 29, 2016 5:06:34 PM Apply preCmd cd /var/tmp/stage/GWIM/Ent/StartStopApp/StartStopApps.sh stop Failed ret = 127 for server testServer1


      I tried all fifferent combinations of quoting and escaping but have not been successful. Any ideas?



      The command works n a BLPackage when I create 2 lines:

      cd /var/tmp/stage/GWIM/Ent/StartStopApp

      ./StartStopApps.sh stop


      When I do the same in the Pre command, it interprets it as:

      cd /var/tmp/stage/GWIM/Ent/StartStopApp./StartStopApps.sh stop