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    Unable to access TMART admin page after install of Service Pack 3

    Matt Ori



      We are completing a tech refresh and replacing our existing TMART central server.   In the process of doing this, I have applied service pack 3.   Once I did this, I am unable to access the Central Admin page.   If I pull the service pack 3 back off, I am able to access the page.   I've scoured the conf files to find something that needs to be changed, but I can't find anything.   I get the following error on firefox when trying to access the Admin page:


      Secure connection failed.   Cannot communicate securely with peer:  no common encryption algorithm(s).  Error code:  ssl_erro_no_cypher overlap.


      Again, if I pull back the service pack 3, I can get to the page.   It only happens once Service pack3 is applied.    Has anyone encountered this before or have any suggestions.