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    January 2016 TKU Releases are now available!

    Jean Louis Deshairs
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      We just released January 2016 TKU releases. These released are available on EPD for download. They include TKU, TKU for Storage, OS Upgrades releases as well as new network definitions files.


      * The January 2016 TKU release comes with the support of Fujitsu ServerView Operations Manager, McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention,SolarWinds IP Address Manager,SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager, SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, Hypertable, IBM Tivoli Security Compliance Manager, BMC HR Case Management, TalenD Studio, and SolarWinds Web Help Desk new software products. We have also enhanced many existing patterns and resolved several defects. Please visit the January 2016 TKU release page for more information.


      * The January 2016 TKU release includes 8 new Network Device definitions for Cisco, Arris, Juniper, Xerox Corporation and F5 Networks, Network vendors. Please visit the January 2016 Network Device Definitions page for details.


      * The January 2016 TKU for Storage supports the Host Side Linking for VMs running on ESX servers. Please visit the Storage Systems Notes and Notices page for more information.


      * OSU January 2016 Release: The RHEL 6 OS upgrades contain the applicable Red Hat packages until January 22, 2016. The latest RHEL 6 OS upgrade file (for the 64 bit architecture only) is ADDM_OS_Upgrade_64_6.16.01.22_577301_ga.sh.gz. See more details on this release here.

      As per BMC Support policy, RHEL 5 OS upgrades are no longer released as ADDM version 9.x entered the limited period of support. However the latest RHEL 5 OS upgrade will remain available on EPD.


      Thank you.