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    DB record for

    Santhosh Kurimilla


      Can you please confirm the DB record/field that I should query to retrieve the below information on a given Depot object? I didn't find anything in depot_object table.



      SQL> desc depot_object;

      Name                                      Null?    Type

      ----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------

      DEPOT_OBJECT_ID                           NOT NULL NUMBER(38)

      DEPOT_OBJECT_VERSION_ID                   NOT NULL NUMBER(38)

      BL_VALUE_ID                                        NUMBER(38)

      GUID                                      NOT NULL RAW(16)

      GROUP_ID                                           NUMBER(38)

      OBJECT_TYPE_ID                            NOT NULL NUMBER(38)

      CREATED_BY_ROLE_ID                                 NUMBER(38)

      CREATED_BY_USER_ID                                 NUMBER(38)

      MODIFIED_BY_ROLE_ID                                NUMBER(38)

      MODIFIED_BY_USER_ID                                NUMBER(38)

      BL_ACL_ID                                 NOT NULL NUMBER(38)

      DATA_TYPE_ID                                       NUMBER(38)

      NAME                                      NOT NULL VARCHAR2(255 CHAR)

      DESCRIPTION                                        VARCHAR2(255 CHAR)

      LOCKED_BY_USER_ID                                  NUMBER(38)

      IS_SAVED_EXPLICITLY                                NUMBER(1)

      IS_ERRORS                                          NUMBER(1)

      IS_WARNINGS                                        NUMBER(1)

      IS_LATEST_VERSION                                  NUMBER(1)

      DATE_CREATED                                       DATE

      DATE_MODIFIED                                      DATE

      IS_DELETED                                NOT NULL NUMBER(1)

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          Santosh Kothuru

          can you try it under DEPOT_OBJECT_LOCATION ?

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            Bill Robinson

            why do you need to look in the db for this ?


            it's a join between depot_object, depot_object_location, file_server and file_location.

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              Santhosh Kurimilla

              Thanks for the response, Bill/Santosh K.


              The specific Depot object is deleted from the console. So, I am just trying to find out the File path on File Server and try to restore it as DB Cleanup has not yet run after the deletion.

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                Bill Robinson

                Restore it how ?

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                  Santhosh Kurimilla

                  It may not be restoring exactly but, at least a way to recreate the users' content.

                  Like the users' NSH Script got deleted from the console but, the file is still there on File Server. So, if we can just send the file back to user, he can simply copy/paste the content and add a new NSH Script.


                  Below scenario saves a users' effort in writing a script with 111 lines


                  SQL> select d.DEPOT_OBJECT_ID,d.FILE_LOCATION_ID,do.name,do.is_deleted,fl.R
                    2  from depot_object do, depot_object_location d, FILE_LOCATION fl
                    3  where d.DEPOT_OBJECT_ID=do.DEPOT_OBJECT_ID and d.FILE_LOCATION_ID=fl.F                                        676066;

                          3676066          6988928                         wtf-nsg         1          scripts/3676066.1_eula.1031.txt


                  # ls -al /bladelogic/depot/scripts/3676066.1_eula.1031.txt

                  -rwx------ 1 bladmin bladmin 17734 Dec 10 18:48 /bladelogic/depot/scripts/3676066.1_eula.1031.txt

                  # cat /bladelogic/depot/scripts/3676066.1_eula.1031.txt | wc -l


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                    Bill Robinson

                    sure - that assumes db and file server cleanup hasn't run.