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    Deploying bunch of scripts via BSA

    Shirish Pednekar

      Hello Experts,


      I have an upcoming automation job in which the customer has

      • A bunch of standard scripts (roughly 10) which need to be run for the whole function deploymeny to complete.
      • The scripts are to be run sequentially
      • Abort the task on a non-zero output from the any of the scripts.
      • At the end of each script, if successful , a post-script has to be run


      I will use a combination of BAO and BSA to accomplish the task.


      Can you please help me to decide if the such a scenario is better served by

      1. Use NSH script job ? Do I have to spend some time in modifying the existing script to fit in the NSH script job ?
      2. Create an empty bladelogic deploy job and then add "Custom commands" which will have commands to simply fire the scripts.
      3. Any other way possible.


      I am concerned about reading the exit code of the scripts correctly as that helps to take the decision whether to run any sub-sequential job or abort.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Bill Robinson

          there's a lot of ways to do this:

          - you could put the scripts directly into the blpackage as files and then call them via the external command

          - you could paste the script contents into the 'external command's in the blpackage

          - you could upload the scripts a 'type 3' nsh scripts (non-nsh scripts) which would get copied and executed against your targets.