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    Installation of BSR in Windows Cluster Environment

    Arjun Thakur
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      Dear Expert,


      I have a query regarding installation of BSR in Windows Cluster Environment. I have already installed and configured BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management (BTIM) in High Availability mode on Windows Cluster.


      Now I have to install TrueSight BSR on top of BTIM, According to my understanding I need to perform below steps, Please suggest if I am going in the right direction:


      1. Install BSR on the Primary Node

      2. Stop the TrueSight Services

      3. Move the Cluster Control to Secondary Server

      4. Install BSR on the Secondary Node

      5. Restart both Primary and Secondary node


      Please, suggest if these steps are correct or there are other things as well that I need to take care of.


      Thanks in advance!!!