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    Explanation of scriptutil

    Argyris Spinos



      I would like some help to understand how scriptutil works in order to customize the OOB Extended Objects ones in component templates.


      For example in below scriptutil the switches that can be found in scriptutil help such as -c -d etc. Is it correct to say that after -s we provide certain sensors and after -x certain arguments to those sensors?


      What I do not understand is which arguments are passed to which sensors. For example "-remvaluelist" is passed to eo_common_code or lib_filehandling etc.?


      If someone could explain the flow of the below or any scriptutil I would be very grateful.


      scriptutil -c -d "??TARGET.STAGING_DIR??" -h "??TARGET.NAME??" -s eo_common_code lib_filehandling lib_utils EO-Parameter_functions EO-Command_output eo_executer -x -maxdisplay "??MAX_DISPLAY??" -eotimeout "??EO_TIMEOUT??" -maxinfolines "??MAX_INFO_LINES??" -rscddir "??TARGET.RSCD_DIR??" -ruleid "Sendmail1" -remdirprefix "CIS" -filename "/etc/mail/sendmail.cf" -commandresult 1 -command "netstat -an | grep LISTEN | grep -c 127\.0\.0\.1:25" -remvaluelist "O DaemonPortOptions=Port=smtp, Addr=, Name=MTA-v4"


      Many thanks,