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    How to use properties in a software package?

      I have created a software package for installing a piece of software on Linux servers. The software is available as gzipped tarball (mysoftware.tar.gz). After installing the software, I have a couple of additional tasks to perform. In these tasks I need to re-use the name of the software (in this case: "mysoftware").


      So I would like to set that name in a property, so I can easily adjust it. Or I would like to embed the software package in a blpackage, but then refer to the software package using a property. But I can't find a way to do this.


      To make it explicit: my software package contains the "All-OS-Patch-Downloaders-linux-build-8.5.01.tar.gz". My install command is:

      tar -C /patchrepo/offline_repo -xzf "??SOURCE??" --no-same-permissions


      I would like to add to the install command:

      ln -s /patchrepo/offline_repo/??NAME?? /patchrepo/offline_repo/Patch-Downloader-linux


      but when deploying via a BLPACKAGE, the ??NAME?? does not point to the name of the software package anymore. So how could I define a local property?


      As an alternative, I could put the symbolic link in the blpackage which also calls the software package, but how can I then make the call to the software package "variable" (using a property for the software package name)?