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        Pawan K

        after adding select value and add constant steps, the field mapping in AR output step does not have all the fields from AD input step that means if there is a new record it will not be created.

        does it mean that I have to run one job for creation of new records and the other one for disabling. atached is the image.

        Also with this transform the records in ctm:people which are found in AD input are updated(as per the table input query) but what about the records that are in ctm:people but are not in AD input, how to catch them with this transform.



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          You want do set status offline for all people that exists in CTM_People that you didn't find in AD input ?

          But in that case you will set status offline for all people records that don't exist in AD...you have users for integration, so ....be carefull.


          This is not my case..

          I'm loading people from AD and those people are updated/created. If they exist in Remedy and they are disabled in AD, set status OFFLINE in Remedy...simple.


          You can try to use filter row step (true/false) and then create workflow...

          Also, you need to select values from step table input...in step "select values 2".


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            Lesley Ann Artiaga

            Hi Bozidar. Can you provide the details of the spoon job you created? I am facing the same requirement with the client. you can mail it to me lesleya@first-datacorp.com

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              Sinisa Mikor

              Hi Lesley,


              in case you haven't noticed, Bozidar's account is deactivated and he hasn't logged in for more than two and a half years; maybe one of his former colleagues could help you instead (Samo Puharic might be a good first choice).


              Alternatively, summarize your requirement and someone else might help you instead.

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