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    BPPM/BEM integratio with xMatters/AlarmPoint

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      I have integration with xM

      but command :


      /ec/prod/server/patrol/APAgent/bmc_apclient.bin --submit-mapping-file /ec/prod/server/patrol/APAgent/BMCxAP.txt "$1"




      <?xml version="1.0"?><transaction id="0"><header><method>Agent</method><subclass>ERROR</subclass></header><data><errorcode>COMMUNICATIONS_FAILURE</errorcode><errortext>Failed to perform communication request.</errortext><errordetail>A non-recoverable name server error occurred.</errordetail></data></transaction>


      response from ./iadmin.sh get-status is correct


      Any ideas what is wrong?




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          Cesar Salazar

          I found the same problem when installed ProactiveNet and the integration with xMAtters 4.1 on  RedHat Linux 6.4


          The following workaround works for me:

          Specify the URL for the APClient gateway with this parameter:  --http-post

          The command should look like this:


          /APAgent/bmc_apclient.bin --http-post --submit-mapping-file /ec/prod/server/patrol/APAgent/BMCxAP.txt "$1"


          Where 2010 is the http port used by APClient Gateway as defined in



          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

          <!-- Please refer to APAgent.xml.example for examples and details. -->

          <alarmpoint-agent version="1.0" mode="enterprise">

            <server type="primary" address="" port="2004" />

            <logfile enabled="true" filename="logs/APAgent.log" terse="false" />

            <response-filter type="none" />

            <rmi port="2009" />

            <http port="2010" />




          Cesar Salazar