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    Create list of servers with specific install path for PATROL agents?

    Jon Trotter

      BSA Version


      Fairly new to running audits within BSA and using it to deploy agents and updates. I've been able to successfully deploy agents and packages to the BPPM/Truesight infrastructure servers and a few non-BMC application servers using BSA, but I have noticed that I accidentally added one that had an install path on the C drive when deploying an E drive configured package. My initial question is, is there some auditing inherent with BSA that will look for the PATROL_HOME path and run the install to that location by default or do I need to have a package for each drive that may have an installation on it? If so, is there a way to audit the servers in the BSA repository that have a specific drive path where the application is installed?


      It seems out of the box that the default package configurations do not deploy without some modification to the variables (Property Dictionary), but I'm trying to reduce management of the repository and limit my need to touch as few servers as possible.


      Thanks in advance for the advice.