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        Gustavo del Gerbo

        I agree here again.

        Let's make an Idea in the ITSM Forum (Since this correspond to Remedy ITSM application and not CMDB).

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          Carey Walker

          OK, I'll do the idea/rfe and please add any additional comments. Thanks

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            Jeff Sikorski

            Current version:  Atrium 8.1.02


            So at my company we are just now bringing Asset Management data over to BMC ... and I'm running into the exact same scenario as discussed here.


            I have ADDM and ADDM has been the 'manager' of my CMDB.  Whenever ADDM says something should go, ADDM sets the MAD flag to 1, and I purge it from BMC.ASSET.


            With the introduction of Asset Management though, I can no longer be purging stuff willy nilly.  Servers and Laptops and Desktops will be associated with POs.. and keeping it in that "disposed" state is necessary.


            One thing I considered doing -- and I was looking at this forum thinking (hoping) someone would have come up with the same conclusion as me:
            Set up the BMC.ASSET Purge job with a qualification ruleset.


            I want to keep the hardware, but I don't necessarily care about the "relationships" created by DISCOVERABLE data.


            Can someone explain why this would NOT work?





            'ClassId' != "BMC_COMPUTERSYSTEM" AND 'ClassId' != "BMC_EQUIPMENT" AND 'ClassId' != "BMC_MAINFRAME" AND 'ClassId' != "BMC_PERSON" AND 'ClassId' != "BMC_PRINTER" AND 'ClassId' != "BMC_MONITOR"



            The thought process here  is:
            Running a BMC.ASSET purge with this qualification will NOT purge those physical assets tied to Purchase Orders, etc, that still need a CI visible in dispose state.  However, it WILL purge all the software installed, relationships to applications, IP endpoint, hard drive info, processors, etc.  These are all things I want gone.





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              Samo Puharic

              Hi there, idea has been created ? Is there a link ?!

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