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    BSA 8.7 64bit console installer on Windows 7 fails to install 64bit jre files ?

    Yanick Girouard

      I'm trying to install the 64bit version of the BSA 8.7 console (BBSACONSOLE87-WIN64.exe) on my Windows 7 laptop, as a second instance (besides 8.5), and no matter how I do it, it never copies or create the 64bit jre files in the NSH/jre folder of the console. The jre-32 files are there, but nothing for jre.


      Because of this the console gives me this error when it starts:


      12-01-2016 10-16-52 AM.png


      Is this a known issue, and if so, what is the fix ?


      UPDATE: I forgot a very important point in my description of the issue. I uncheck the Console Upgrade Service from the options when prompted. I just tested while all options are left checked and the issue is gone. It seems like unchecking this option causes the issue...


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