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    Replace configuration file from master location to multuple targets

    oz alon



      I've tried to distribute a configuration file (tnsnames.ora) from specific server to multiple servers on different paths ;

      for example :

      Copy tnsnames.ora from server A located in /d/oracle/ver1/tnsnames.ora and replace the existing tnsnames.ora files

      on server B located in /e/oracle/ver2/tnsnames.ora and /x/oracle/ver3/tnsnames.ora and to additional servers,


      This job must be automatic - means that each time a new tnsnames.ora is created on new server or existing server, the tnsnaames.ora location must be added to the distribution list.


      I've created component template contains the servers to distribute and configured the destination paths for the distribution list, however, I couldn't find the way to fulfill this job automatically.


      I've created a script that finds the tnsnames.ora paths on each server and set it as a BladeLogic Server Property.


      Please advice how to implement this job.