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    MidTier Losing Connection to SSO

    James Van Sickle
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      I have been noticing a serious problem with our connection from MidTier to Atrium SSO. I am curious if anyone has seen this same problem on their own implementations, and whether they have found a possible solution to the issue. If MidTier loses the connection to the connected Atrium SSO Server, MidTier will respond with a message that the Atrium SSO integration is not available. However, if Atrium SSO comes back online, MidTier does not appear to perform any check to auto-correct its message that SSO is not available.


      For example, if I stop Apache Tomcat services on our Atrium SSO server, MidTier will respond with the appropriate message that the SSO integration is unavailable. However, if I turn Apache Tomcat services for Atrium SSO back on, MidTier never indicates that SSO is once again available. The only fix for this appears to be a stop and restart Apache Tomcat services on MidTier in order to clear the message.


      Compare this to how MidTier responds when the underlying ARS Server is turned off. If the AR Server is unavailable, MidTier will respond that the Remedy AR Server is unreachable. However, when the ARS Server comes back online, Remedy MidTier will pick up the connection and act like nothing is wrong. No restart of Remedy MidTier required in this case.


      I look forward to hearing about your own experiences with Remedy MidTier and Atrium SSO.