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    Status of (ORDERING) and removal from AJF

    Dwayne Hendrickson
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      Running v 7.0.04 on MVS mainframe.

      We have a smart table on the AJF from Jun and it currently has a status of HELD (ORDERING) BYPASS. All of the jobs within that table have a status of <TBL Held> Requested Forced OK


      How this happened is probably a convoluted story of folks trying to do stuff and randomly issuing commands that I now cannot recreate. My question is: How can I remove this from the AJF?


      I can delete the table, but the jobs remain. If I undelete the table and attempt to delete the jobs I get CANNOT DELETE TASK xyz ODATE 061015 - TASK IN PROGRESS.


      I cannot free the table, it also appears with TASK IN PROGRESS.


      Any ideas?