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    Related CI status not updated in WO when CI is updated

    Srinivas Merugu
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      Bug in SRM 7.6.04 : Status of already related CI in WO relationship tab is not updated when you update the CI status from Computer System form or any other asset related form.


      Steps to reproduce the issue:


      1) Create a WO and relate any CI which is in “Deployed” status ( Status can be anything)

      2) CI will get related to the WO and will be visible in relationship tab with status as “Deployed”

      3) Open the CI from Computer System/Base Element or any relevant form and update the status to “Ordered” (You can change it to something else also)

      4) Go back to WO and see the related CI in relationship tab – It will be still shown as “Deployed” only instead of “Ordered”


      Solution: Fixed in version 8.1.02  (Upgrade of SRM to 8.1.02)