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    Does QPasa V7.0 support  WMQ v8.0?

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      Our QPasa is at  v7.0 . We will be upgrading our MQ environment to v8.0 soon and need to know if  QPasa V7.0 (server & agent) supports MQ v8.0. 


      Thank you in advance for your response!



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            Richard Alvarez

            Hi Jim,


            MQ 8 was released in 2014, documentation for "QPasa" 7 was released in 2012.  (BMC Middleware Management Performance and Availability)


            As such documentation only lists MQ 7.5 as officially supported. Version 8.x is out already and it does list MQ as supported.



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              Oliver Lemke

              Hi R R,


              here's what our Knowledge Base says in Article 000021608 (used to be KA417102):


              BMTM V7 supports limited performance and availability monitoring of IBM WebSphere MQ V8 using the WebSphere MQ extension (QPMON).  No new IBM MQ V8 functionality or features are supported, including handling of new attributes.  Note that the product may reflect error messages related to these attributes.  In addition, QPMON does not support authenticating with a queue manager when the CONNAUTH property of the queue manager is set to require authentication.  On z/OS, SMF monitoring of IBM WebSphere MQ V8 is also not supported.

              BMC Middleware and Transaction Management (BMTM) V7.0.00 supports application transaction tracing/monitoring (QPBTM) using IBM WebSPhere MQ V8 on all supported platforms.


              Additional Information:

              The current release of the product, TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor V8.0.00, includes full support for IBM WebSphere MQ V8 on all supported platforms (including z/OS).

              For steps to disable SMF monitoring, please refer to this Knowledge Article: KA425171



              Hope this helps.




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                I've just returned from some time off over Christmas and see that this is still marked as Not Answered.  Do you need further help to clarify this?

                The short summary is that for full support for monitoring IBM WebSphere MQ Version 8, you should upgrade to BMC TrueSight Middleware Monitor Version 8 (At this point, I would recommend 8.0.01). 


                If you cannot upgrade to Middleware Monitor version 8, there are limitations of using Middleware Monitor Version 7 against MQ Version 8.  Most things will work, but some things will not be supported.  As Oliver mentions above, the big things are that:

                1.  Monitoring of MQ on the mainframe will not work without disabling SMF monitoring.  Since disabling SMF monitoring will lose important visibility to Page Sets, Buffer Pools, etc. I would strongly advise you not to do that.

                2. You cannot monitor any queue managers configured to use the MQ V8 Connection Authentication (CONNAUTH) feature.  While disabling CONNAUTH puts you in no worse of a situation than with MQ V7.5, it still sacrifices a valuable security feature.

                The remainder are relatively small things like missing the properties associated with custom cluster transmission queues, routed pub/sub, and so on.  Those will most likely be important to you only if you are taking advantage of the specific feature.  Note that some error messages will appear in the Middleware Monitor logs about unknown attributes.

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                  Hi Eric,


                  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


                  We realize that we have to upgrade QPasa to v8.


                  Please mark it as answered.


                  Thank you,