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    Issue creating a sub task from a master task


      I have a master ticket in a change request workspace that I need to kick off various sub tasks as the status changes according to the workflow.  I have attached the business rule.

      In the rule, Generic Linking is used to confirm the first sub task was approved.  Once approved it checks to make sure the ticket was created for the Sub Task and that the 3rd sub task has not been created.  If all of those criteria are met, it then sets the status to the next available status in the workflow, and creates the new ticket (here it creates two Functional Design tickets, and sets the check box to true that the ticket was created.  This should limit the rule from running multiple times due to the criteria above.  Am I missing something?

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          I figured it out.  Thank You1

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            Linda Kirkpatrick

            Bob i'm sorry i missed this.  Would you mind sharing what you did to get it to work?  another screen shot of the rule for posterities sake?


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              Hey Linda!


              It wasn't easy!!!!!!!!!!  I'm using version on a new server build.  We are working on Phase II now that everyone has had time to use the product for several months.  In this new version, the SAP folks want a separate ticket for each status during the flow of the Change Request ticket.


              I start with Pending Functional Lead (Master).  When this ticket is created, the workflow kicks in and populates the Status field with the available workflows for status Pending Functional Lead.  In this case it would be "Pending Business Approval".  When the Agent clicks Save and Close it creates only one new Pending Business Approval ticket.  This was the easy one.


              When you enter the Pending Business Approval ticket, you have a reduced number of fields, all of which are read only to the Role, Business Approver except the Approval section.  When the approvers click the approve button several process kick off.


              Business Rule:  Create Pending Functional Design (Located in the Master Ticket Pending Functional Lead)

              In this rule, Pending Functional Lead ticket looks for a field in the Pending Business Approval ticket "Business Approved".  This is a Boolean field that I created on the Pending Business Approval ticket to automatically check off when the status changes to "Business Approved".  (I tried and tried to get this to work using just the Status field but it kept failing.)  I also create similar Boolean fields on the Master Ticket Pending Functional Lead to correspond to each of the subtask tickets.  The rule then checks the Boolean fields on the Pending Functional Lead ticket.  02 - Pending Business Approval = True, 03 - Pending Functional Design = False, and the status = Pending Business Approval.  If all 4 match, the rule then Sets the Boolean value on 03 - Pending Functional Design to True, Changes the status to Pending Functional Design, and then creates the new 03 - Pending Functional Design ticket.  ORDER is very important!  This rule alone should only result in one ticket right?  NO.  It creates three, even though the fields in the Criteria do not match.  I almost went crazy trying to get this to work.


              Here is the key part that actually makes it work:

              In the Pending Business Approval ticket I run this Business Rule to change the Status and to uncheck the Boolean field "Business Approved"

              It links back to the Master ticket and checks the Boolean field, 03 - Pending Functional Design, if it is True, it changes the Boolean field to false for "Business Approved", and changes the status to Completed.


              This results in only ONE Pending Functional Design Ticket.  I can then, using these two rules, create a Master Ticket (Functional Lead), then create Sub Task from that, 11 total subtask per Change Request ticket without any duplicates.  I will send you a video of it actually working .

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                Linda Kirkpatrick

                Thank you, VERY MUCH, for all this detail!  i have it bookmarked for future use