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    HP-UX VPC Configuration offline downloader

      Hi Experts,


      We need to configure HP-UX patch management in our environment. We have configured VPC and now we are trying to download patches using HP-UX offline downloader.


      We are using a proxy for browsing internet in our environment and this proxy does not require any user name and password.


      Now our problem is that after running the HPUXcontentdownloader.bat file it requires the proxy to be set in the form of userName:password@hostName:portNo


      We have tried setting dummy in the username:password column field but then the proxy test fails giving error as "incorrect username and password".

      We have checked and HP credentials are correct. We are able to login using browser using the same credentials.


      Is there any way that we can set the proxy without requiring user name and password.


      We also have a proxy which requires a  username and password but the username and password both contains @ so it again becomes difficult to set them using userName:password@hostName:portNo this format.


      Any suggestions on this?


      BladeLogic version is 8.5.01