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    Reporting Excluded Patches

    Cody Dean

      Quick question,

      If a server has a patch or patches set in the "Exclude Patch List" - is there a way to report on that?  Since they don't show up at all in the analysis jobs, it's hard to tell what patches the server is actually missing.




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          Yanick Girouard

          Don't think you can from BDSSA... I don't see a domain for this in the list of available ones.


          That said, I found a bug in 8.7 regarding the Device exclude lists... It lets you add patches that have no Q number, but when doing so it creates a NULL value in the patch_device_exclude_list table and you can't delete it afterwards.


          Steps to reproduce:


          1. Right-click a Windows server and click Exclude Patch List

          2. Pick an existing Windows catalog

          3. Select a .NET Framework service pack update, and control-click select another patch that has a KB number

          4. Move them to the right pane (> arrow) and click OK
          5. Notice it added a line without the Q Number in it (it's blank)
          6. Run this query in the db:


          select * from patch_device_exclude_list where device_id = {ID_OF_SERVER}


          You can use this query to find the ID:


          select device_id from device where name = 'NAME_OF_SERVER' and is_deleted=0 and device_state_id=50;


          7. Notice the null value
          8. Edit the patch exclusion list again, and try to remove the empty line, and click ok.
          9. Run the select again, and notice it's still there...
          10. Open the patch exclusion list again and notice it was not deleted.
          11. Run this query to delete it:


          update patch_device_exclude_list set is_deleted=1 where value is null; commit;


          12. Check again in the console, and it should be gone.


          I'll open a defect when I have time...

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            Yanick Girouard

            Case 00052257 was opened to report the defect mentioned above.

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              Cody Dean

              In case anyone runs across this, I have created a work-around:

              Windows Server Level Patch Exclusions Extended Object

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