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    BSA upgrade from 8.3.02 to 8.6.01 on Windows using UPI fails while performing DB migration

    Neel Shaha

      Hello Everyone,


      We are facing critical issue in production env while performing upgrade of BSA from 8.3.02 to 8.6.01 using Uniform Product Installer. Upgrade is getting failed while performing database migration & not attempting application server upgrade.


      BSA setup is running on Windows OS & have below components in place:-

      1) BSA APP Server running on Windows OS

      2) BSA Configuration Server running on Windows OS

      3) BSA FILE Server running on Windows OS (This is File Server as well as Windows Helper server to store Windows Patches)

      4) Linux Helper Server for storage of Suse Linux Patches

      5) BSA MSSQL Server 2008 Database running on Windows OS

      All above servers are VM instances & we have taken the backup of all VM instances as well DB backup prior to upgrade.


      Before running UPI, we upgraded RSCD agents from 8.3.02 to 8.6.01 on both APP servers, file servers & Linux helper server manually.

      & then running UPI with local Administrator account causing failure in upgrade with error message as "Failed to migrate Bladelogic database".


      Attaching the snapshot displaying failure message in UPI & also attaching "bsainstallupgrade" & "blmigration" log files here to have a closer look at what is going wrong with the installer.


      Any help or pointers will be greatly appreciated to resolve this issue because this is very critical production issue & causing business impact. Thanks in advance.


      Best Regards,

      Neel Shaha


      UPDATE: Based on File attachment policies, a file was removed, see FAQ for more