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    How Direct SQL works?

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      I read from Remedy documents the following line -



      "With the Direct SQL action, you can define a Direct SQL action to perform inserts or updates to a


      non-AR System database."


      I want to implement following scenario -


      I have form ABC in Remedy with button 'Insert Record'. (Remedy Database server name is e.g.  MyRemedy).

      In our organization there is one more database server e.g. CompanyDatabase. with table 'Persons'.


      When I click on Insert Record from form ABC in Remedy, I want to insert new row in ComanyDatabase >> Persons table.


      How can I achieve this? Want to use Direct SQL for Insert query because insert query may differ everytime.


      If we are going to user Direct SQL then in how to call Persons table in it (which is not in AR System database but is in other database)