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    What all permissions needed for the local server account

    Soundappan Shanmugam



      looking into this document it shows that only

      User accounts - BMC Server Automation 8.5 - BMC Documentation


      Local server accountRSCD / UPMActions performed via BSA act as this account on the target serverOSWhatever is required to perform the desired functions via BladeLogic


      what ever is required to perform the desired function via bladelogic, but not specific from GPO like deny logon as a batch etc..

      if we can have that specifics it would be good, because these are very critical for any organization providing rights

      can anyone let me know for the same


      my use case here would be



      file deploy and everything that is OOB from BSA


      other than local server acount being part of a administrator group i need specifics for GPO aswell