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    Unified Agent installer creating multiple copies on repeater

    Steve Cupp

      I'm looking for an answer on whether the behavior we are seeing with the Unified Agent Installer and how it is caching it's content on our repeaters is normal and expected. (BSA 8.5 patch 5)


      What appears to be happening is that for each run of the agent installer, we are seeing a separate copy of the installer content on the repeater. Below are two snipets from two different agent installer runs.



      and here is the repeater content. . .


      If this is normal behavior, then I don't understand the point of the repeater. I thought the repeater would get the content from the file server on the first run and then the target gets the content from the repeater. For all future runs the content would be sent to the target from the repeater without another copy from the file server.


      Can anyone verify what the behavior should be?