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    TM ART workbench monitor creation queston

    Matt Ori



      I am trying to create a monitor using TM ART workbench.  The site I am trying to create a monitor for is a collaboration site that the sessions are flash content.   I can record the loading and logging into the page, however I run into issues when I open a session while recording.  The recorder can't seem to open the session.   The recorder sits on the page with the screen saying "connecting to server".  If I open IE on the system I can get to the page and open a session without issues.  It's just when I'm recording that I can't get the session to open.   Any ideas?   Are there any logs I can look into that might narrow this down?   Are there any recorder settings that I may need to change that would allow the recorder to render the flash and make the recording?


      Thanks for any help.