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    ADDM Name Resolution

    Varad Pandit
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      We are using ADDM cluster setup in our environment, and want to use name resolution option. We have one domain with more than 12 NS records. But we can use maximum of 3 NS IP addresses. Now my question is can we use different NS IP address for each cluster member.



      Search Domains :  xyz.abc.com

      Name Servers: ,,



      Search Domains :  xyz.abc.com

      Name Servers: ,,


      Search Domains :  xyz.abc.com

      Name Servers: ,,



      When we use nslookup command we are getting below output.



      Default Server:  aa-mh-125.xyz.abc.com

      Addreaa:  xx.xx.xx.xx


      > set type=ns

      > xyz.abc.com

      Server:  aa-mh-125.xyz.abc.com

      Addreaa:  xx.xx.xx.xx


      xyz.abc.com    nameserver = aa-ka-ac20.xyz.abc.com

      xyz.abc.com    nameserver = aa-ka-ac22.xyz.abc.com

      xyz.abc.com    nameserver = aa-mp-dc5.xyz.abc.com

      xyz.abc.com    nameserver = aa-mp-ac20.xyz.abc.com

      xyz.abc.com    nameserver = aa-ka-127.xyz.abc.com

      xyz.abc.com    nameserver = aa-mp-125.xyz.abc.com

      xyz.abc.com    nameserver = aa-mh-126.xyz.abc.com

      xyz.abc.com    nameserver = aa-mp-ac22.xyz.abc.com

      xyz.abc.com    nameserver = aa-dl-ac2.xyz.abc.com

      xyz.abc.com    nameserver = aa-ka-ac21.xyz.abc.com

      xyz.abc.com    nameserver = aa-mh-125.xyz.abc.com

      xyz.abc.com    nameserver = aa-dl-12.xyz.abc.com



      aa-ka-ac20.xyz.abc.com internet address =

      aa-ka-ac22.xyz.abc.com internet address =

      aa-mp-dc5.xyz.abc.com internet address =

      aa-mp-ac20.xyz.abc.com internet address =

      aa-ka-127.xyz.abc.com internet address =

      aa-mp-125.xyz.abc.com internet address =

      aa-mh-126.xyz.abc.com internet address =

      aa-mp-ac22.xyz.abc.com internet address =

      aa-dl-ac2.xyz.abc.com internet address =

      aa-ka-ac21.xyz.abc.com internet address =

      aa-mh-125.xyz.abc.com internet address =

      aa-dl-12.xyz.abc.com internet address =