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    How can I copy a Red Hat Enterprise Linux patch catalog in offline mode using blcli ?

    Yanick Girouard

      I'd have a need to copy (or create using a template) a Red Hat Enterprise Linux patch catalog that is in offline mode in order to quickly create "frozen" catalogs (catalog updated once to the current date and then frozen in place). I've seen something before regarding the content creator script, but the template provided didn't seem to cover all types of catalogs and all options... This would be for BSA 8.7, so has there been any improvements in that area and any new command available to do this?


      Picture this as the same thing as cloning a channel in Red Hat Satellite...


      Note: Disregard he part about cloning the offline downloader settings and such, that I can manage with NSH easily if needed. I'm looking for a solution to clone, copy or create from template a catalog in the console.