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    BL package from catalog item ?

    Luciano Spagnuolo

      I would like to create a BL package from an item in a catalog. Basic reason is because it's already there and the install/undo parameters will come along with it.  The general method doesn't meet the requirement.  I know I can right-click and use "Add to Depot as a BL Package" but this creates a soft-link.  I can then open the package and change it from soft-link to hard-link (but it still is in the catalog directory and manipulated but the catalog). My concern is that any catalog updates done which may mark the patch irrelevant could break the BL package.  Further more when clean up is done and irrelevant patches are removed I may render my BL package useless.

      My question is

      Can I separate the patch out of the catalog without going to the file system and manually coping it? or is the best method to download the patch from outside BladeLogic and create a BL package from it to keep it separated from the catalog?



      Lou Spagnuolo