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    Bladelogic 8.5 SP1 Patch 5 Console - User Assertion failed error

    Lavanya Bobba

      I saw a interesting issue after couple of days of installing 8.5 SP1 Patch 5 console on my laptop. Suddenly i use to see "user assertion failed " error after entering my credentials . After i login i couldn't see complete details in " Tasks in progress pane " .


      I tried to uninstall and reinstall the console completely and cleanly, but still has issue.


      Finally able to resolve it after cleaning up the workspace details in the below path of my laptop:

      C:\Users\Userid\AppData\Roaming\BladeLogic\1_2_1\Workspace1 etc


      I have 4 folders in the above location and i deleted them all to resolve the issue.


      In the next login i didn't see the error and able to see all details in tasks in progress pane. Also new workspace got created in my next login


      Hope this will be helpful