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    Displaying an object's event and history associations in BMC TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor

    Brad Boldon
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      Displaying an object’s associations is a newly added feature in BMC TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor   For event rules this ability allows you to verify the expected or desired rules are associated, verify the same rules are associated across various objects according to your policies, and can be used to troubleshoot why expected actions aren’t being triggered.  For example, a rule is not associated that should be.   For history, it can be used to verify history is associated and which template is being used.


      You can do this from the Management Console Operations tab by expanding the Physical tree to the object desired, then right clicking and choosing either “Display Event Associations” or “Display History Associations”.   A dialog is presented where you can select and copy the associations list and paste into an email or other application of your choice.  


      Another way to do this is using the repomgr command line tool.   After defining a query you can qualify what is displayed by the --action-show action with --show-associated-event-templates and/or --show-associated-history-template. For example,  

      repomgr –query-monitored --query-type-name ComMQSoftwareNetworkHost --action-show --show-associated-event-templates myUserId


      Note, if you aren’t sure of the type names used by the repomgr tool you can use the –defs-query-types command to get a list of type names.  You can use grep or redirect the output into a file and use an editor of your choice to search.  For example,

      repomgr --defs-query-types myUserId | grep –i “host”

      repomgr --defs-query-types myUserId > typesNames.txt


      Here is the output of the example query.

      repomgr --query-monitored --query-type-name ComMQSoftwareNetworkHost --action-show --show-associated-event-templates SA

      Enter Password:


      --action-show = true
      --query-monitored = true
      --query-type-name = ComMQSoftwareNetworkHost
      --show-associated-event-templates = true
      1) Object =
          TypePath = ComMQSoftwareNetworkHost
          InstPath = BMC-BZDPXV1
          Object Type Description = BMTM Network Hosts
          State = Confirmed
          Monitored = true
          Time when object's state last changed = Wed Dec 02 09:10:54 CST 2015
          Time when object's monitoring last changed = Wed Dec 02 09:10:54 CST 2015
          Time when one of object's attributes used for policies last changed =
              Wed Dec 02 09:10:54 CST 2015
          Time when object added = Wed Dec 02 09:10:54 CST 2015
          Time when object last confirmed to exist = Wed Dec 02 09:11:40 CST 2015
          Associated with Event Templates:
            1) BMM_Agent_agentUnavailable_Console,
            2) BMM_Agent_agentUnavailable_LogToFile