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    Dual monitor support for BSA console

    Steffen Kreis



      i have this problem since day 1 of my BladeLogic usage, which was with 8.0.

      I am kind of used to it but every new user tells me this is super annoying.


      The issue basically is that most of our desktops have two monitors and as soon as we place the BSA console on the secondary screen, the fun begins.


      - Some Context Menu's for example in a CT or in a BLPackage always pop up in the primary screen

      - Pop-Up Windows like "Execute Against" target selections or "New Job" or "New Depot item" wizards always pop up on the primary screen.

      - AND (this is the worst) some of them pop up outside of the viewable range on the primary screen in the upper left corner. The only way to access these is to 1. resize the window 2. and then drag and drop them around as soon as the window bar appears 3. use them.


      I was wondering if somebody ever found a way to fix it or at least is having the same experience ?