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    Bulk Delete of Asset Data

    Nilesh Sawant
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      Hi All,


      Need advise on how to remove\delete data from below forms


      AST:HardwareSystemComponent, BMC.CORE:BMC_HardwareSystemComponent_


      Should ,deleting the records from database recommded. Please confirm

      Or what would be a good way to remove the data.

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          James Van Sickle

          I have used two options when deleting records from the CMDB.


          1) The best option would be to create a new reconciliation job with the Delete activity under the BMC Atrium Core Console.  However, you MUST setup a qualification to specify only deleting records in the AST:HardwareSystemComponent form (either all or those with special criteria).  If you do not include a Qualification Set, the CMDB will decide to delete all CIs and relationships in that particular dataset.


          2) You can also load the form AST:HardwareSystemComponent through the old Remedy User client, search for the records to be removed, and then use the Delete option under the Actions drop-down menu.  Considering the Remedy User desktop client is no longer supported, I would only use this as a last resort.

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            Nilesh Sawant

            Thanks James, on advise for Asset.