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    Auto-Remediation Job against fixed Target

    Tymen Abels

      Hello Community,


      I am facing the following use-case:


      I do have a component template which holds some rules.

      Defined in here is that if a rule fails, a auto-remediation part may kick in.


      the purpose is that the compliance job generates an auto remediation BLPackage per target and holds local variables.

      These variables are used to generate an file. this generated file must be placed on 1 specific server only!


      Below some screens

      BLPackage used for auto remediation:

      Component template:


      In between here is of course a DiscoveryJob otherwise the compliance job won't work.

      Compliance Job:


      The compliance job runs against the different targets,

      Our purpose is that the Remediation target uses the BLPackage that is generated succesfully from the auto-remediation, but runs against the one server where the file needs to be placed.


      We see that the target server for the remediation now is the same as the target for the compliance job.

      Is it possible to let those auto generated remediation jobs run against that one server with the local variables of the blpackage that has been generated.?


      Example scenario auto-remediation:

      Auto generated BlPackage:

      (works as expected!)


      Auto generated DeployJob (Remediation Job):

      The Yellow part is now the target provided from the Compliance Job, But we want this target to be fixed to one server.

      lon-dc1.contoso.com for example.


      thanks in advance.