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    BSSA VMWare BareMetal Virtual build - unable to fetch MAC-ID failure


            We are starting to see failures in our VMWare builds, intermittently the VMWare shell gets created and everything looks good from a data perspective, the VirtualGuestJob fails with a Warning stating I would need to manually register the MAC.   


      Server: 'ServerXYZ' unable to fetch MAC-ID. Possible reason might be that the guest does not have a network adapter. Please manually import the MAC-ID.

             We are using the bareMetal Virtual build process with BSSA 8.3.02, running against a 5.5.0 VMware infrastructure.  Had thought it might have something to do with a recent move to VMXNet 3 driver, however that does not appear to make a difference.   Just wondering if anyone else has seen similar.


      Thank you

      Robert Bryan