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    BlPackage Simulate issue with .lic files?

      Hi all,


      So I have a BlPackage which goes out on a Windows server, removes a folder if it exists (using external cmd), and then adds a fresh version of the folder (using Add DIR).  Then it executes a .bat file which resides in that directory.


      It works fine on some servers.  But on other servers, there is a file in that directory (db2consv_zs.lic) which I am adding which is throwing a PreCondition "FileWriteAllowed" failed error in the Simulate phase and failing the job.  I am not sure what the difference in the files is between the servers...they would be from the same initial install and should be exactly the same.  I tried adding an external command with attrib -R -H on that specific file but it didn't help.


      I can remove the Simulate phase from the deploy job and it will successfully deploy.  I can also zip up the directory and unzip on the server instead of adding the directory directly.  But, I'm still curious why that one file has issues sometimes.  Has anyone run into something like this before?


      The windows servers were all Windows 2008 R2 64 bit servers.  My console/agents are on