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    Patch repository OS types for different platforms

    Argyris Spinos

      Good day,


      My environment consists of a mix of Windows, RHEL, AIX and SUSE OS and different respective versions for each. While I’m planning patching I’m trying to figure out what OS I need to host each respective patch catalogue (repositories) on.


      It is my understanding that, for online mode, I need a Windows based repo for Windows patch catalogue, a Linux based for RHEL and SUSE and an AIX based repo for AIX patch catalogue respectively. Is this correct, also is there any version compatibility matrix between file servers and agents for example RHEL v7 x64 agent cannot work with a RHEL ES v4 x86 based repo?


      Also in my offshore site, behind proxy, do I also need the respective repeater with different OS version?


      Is there any best practice as to the OS edition to be used as a file/repo depending on what OS one will need to patch?


      Many thanks