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    How do I pass the selected server to run a job to a vb script?

    Charles Berman

      I inherited a vbscript that was run from a pc desktop and use BladeLogic to access the servers. There are several issues I am running into trying to get it to work on my pc so I want to move it into Bladelogic. My first issue is that this script is looking for a file with the list of servers in it.


      But since I need to select servers to execute the job. I want to pass the selected servers to a variable in the script. right now it is defined as text file on the desktop


      How do I pass the selected server (from within BladeLogic) to run a job that is a vb script in the depot?


      Another piece of this would be to redirect the output form the vbscript back to a file on the desktop.


      Everything that was done with this script was executed from a folder on a pc desktop



      thank you