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    Add a server to BSA with windows user privilege mapping disabled

    Steffen Kreis



      on the Domain Controller that we manage we disable the User Privilege Mapping and only rely on an Automation Principal.

      This is to avoid the creation of the BladeLogicRSCD account as a Domain Account.


      Normally all is working fine, but from time to time we have to manually add such a server to BSA, which is not working as without the BladeLogicRSCD we are unable to add the server. A verify of the target produces this entry in the RSCD log.


      a06bf9c6dafa94aa5662 0000001383 12/01/15 13:51:23.505 ERRORrscd -  SV123456 3004 SYSTEM (Not_available): (Not_available): User Impersonation Failed ; Error Location: WinAgent.cpp::impersonate_lsa ; Error Message: The operation completed successfully. ; Auxiliary Error Message: windows user privilege mapping disabled
      137a661b046f80228c4f 0000001384 12/01/15 13:51:23.505 WARN

      rscd - 3004 SYSTEM (CoBaBLAdminsuser@domain.com: CM: Impersonation failed


      Is there any trick available to still get that done ?