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    FootPrints Advanced Starter Template 'FAST' (formerly FootPrints ITSM Database) topic

    Nicolas Roome


      See here for the latest information: Re: FootPrints Service Core 12 ITSM Database now available!





      Hi folks,


      Since FootPrints 12 was released over a year ago, RjR has been working on a template database to allow implementations of version 12 to be more successful.


      In comes the RjR ITSM database for FootPrints. This database was custom built by us to follow many of the ITIL good practices in various processes and comes fully functional for those processes out of the box, or can be configured further to meet the unique needs of each organization. This allows for implementations to be significantly reduced in both time and money, while getting an environment that has been built and tested which means fewer implementation hiccups and gotchas.


      The database currently supports the following processes:


      - Incident Management

      - Problem Management

      - Service Request Management

      - Change Management

      - Service Catalog

      - Service Level Management (agreements with notification thresholds on Incident)

      - Knowledge Management (public and internal)

      - Configuration Management Database (with custom RjR CMDB model)


      In addition, the database features the following:


      - Incident surveys

      - Saved searches, consoles, portals, and system roles pre-configured

      - Container roles pre-configured

      - Sample category tree

      - Base business logic and email notifications

      - Pre-configured import packages and CSVs

      - Bundled with the RjR ITSM Documentation Tool for FootPrints

      - Fully bilingual (English and French)

      - Documentation workbook to track all the database configurations and your future modifications

      - Planning documentation workbook to allow organizations to better prepare for their FootPrints 12 implementation

      - Quick templates

      - Custom file logging to rotate daily


      If you've heard of ITSM for BMC Remedy, or APM for BMC Service Desk Express, you're familiar with the ease of implementation and successes these databases brought their respective tools. Now with the RjR ITSM database you can get the same success in BMC FootPrints.


      For more information, click here: FootPrints Service Core ITSM Database - RjR Innovations


      That's it for my sales pitch *puts consultant hat back on*

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          Nicolas Roome

          Hi guys, wanted to let you know I'll be working on recording a demo of our ITSM database next week when I'm finally back in the office. Hopefully we can get it posted shortly thereafter.

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            Nicolas Roome

            Hi everyone, I wanted to chime in on this thread since I've neglected it for so long.


            Although I promised it to you months ago, I just got caught up in the never ending loop of customer engagements and database enhancements and kept delaying the recording. I am now working on this task again and should have a quick intro video made up sometime next week, and then should be handed to our team to place it on our website and other outlets. In addition, over the next few months I am hoping to make up several other short videos which focus on some of the various processes included with the database.


            I also wanted to add that our database also includes 3 new processes that weren't implemented at the time of my original post:


            - Release Management

            - Purchase Management (includes Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, and Purchase Item, and is tightly integrated into our CMDB)

            - Task Management

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              Nicolas Roome

              A few days late while it was being reviewed but here is the first intro video to the ITSM database.



              Over the course of the next weeks and months we'll be working on getting other videos up which explore the different processes within the database.

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                Nicolas Roome

                Hey all, I'll be trying to get a new video out in the next month or so. We have made significant improvements to the Purchase Management container within the database to make it more functional, including the ability to bulk add serial numbers and asset tags when receiving items. Stay tuned!


                As always, if you would like to see a demo, don't hesitate to contact me: nroome@rjrinnovations.com

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                  Nicolas Roome

                  Wanted to provide a long overdue update. I've yet to get more videos out, primarily because when I am not busy with some of my customers, I've been busy adding new or improving functionality in the database, and also hard at work building a lot of the process and user documentation to make the database a truly complete solution.


                  I'm aiming to have much of this done in the next few months, and should have some videos - at least a few - out around the same time.


                  As always, if you're interested in seeing it first hand, contact me and we can schedule a demo.

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                    Nicolas Roome

                    Wanted to chime in on another update. With BMC now doing fixed quarterly releases we've moved the ITSM database for FootPrints into the same model as of this past summer, typically 2-3 weeks after the BMC releases. The next scheduled release - version 2018.R1.0 (Release 1 in 2018) - is slated for mid March 2018. Here's what's included now:


                    • Incident Management
                    • Problem Management
                    • Service Request Management
                    • Change Management
                    • Release Management
                    • Task Management
                    • Service Level Management
                    • Service Catalog
                    • Knowledge Management
                    • Known Error Database
                    • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
                    • Preventive Maintenance
                    • Purchase Management
                    • FootPrints Administration (CSI, Licence and Session, Record Purge)
                    • Incident and Service Request Surveys


                    The main advantages of the ITSM Database over a traditional FootPrints installation are:


                    1. All the design, build, and testing has been done for you, saving you weeks of implementation time.
                    2. All designs are based on ITIL requirements, where applicable.
                    3. Pre-build Saved Searches, Consoles, Portals, Roles, Reports and Imports (with sample CSV files) are all included, meaning the ITSM Database is entirely usable Out of the Box.
                    4. None of the pre-configuration locks you in to any functionality so it is entirely changeable.
                    5. Several features within the ITSM Database use capabilities developed by RjR Innovations to achieve functionality normally not possible in FootPrints. These include:
                      • Tracking session logins and logouts for 30 days
                      • Tracking hourly licence usage for 30 days
                      • Preventive Maintenance integrated with Task Management
                      • Purchase Management (Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Purchase Items) integrated with CMDB
                      • Record Purging
                      • Change Calendar Automation
                      • Problem subscription creating "child" Incidents
                      • RjR fix for BMC defect # DRZNZ-1019 (RE: restart approvals by email)
                    6. Client Management integration ready:
                      • Importing BCM Assets to FP CMDB
                      • BCM Events to FP Incidents
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                      Nicolas Roome

                      Hey everyone, wanted to chime in again. With all the added functionality and features that have been placed into our offering over the years, we've now re-branded it to better reflect what this offering does. The new name is now the RjR FootPrints Advanced Starter Template, or FAST. This better reflects that it is not purely a database, and it is not purely just in the realm of ITSM either. FAST is meant as a rapid way to get started with FootPrints, either by using it entirely out of the box, or by further configuring it to suit the desired needs of the organization.


                      We all know FootPrints 12 suffers in this area. If you are your company's administrator first setting up FP12, it has nothing OOTB. The Business Process Template for ITSM is decent enough to use as a training aid and reference to developing your own environment, but it only takes you so far. You still need to configure your portals, consoles, roles, saved searches, and add in quite a bit of business logic in order to make it functional.


                      And of course as always, there are the added benefits of features and functionality not available natively in FootPrints thanks to our custom development.


                      Our website has been updated to reflect the re-branding and has info based on the current release: 2018.R1.1


                      FootPrints Advanced Starter Template | RJR Innovations