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    Agent Installer Job validation attempts

      I'm using the Agent Installer Job to perform AIX agent upgrades from 8.2.04 to v8.6.1. The job runs fine until it needs to check communication to the upgraded agent. It only appears to make 1 attempt and then fail.


      Attempt number 1 to validate that the agent on server <server name> is up and running.

      The connection to <servername> failed due to 'Ping '<server name>' failed: Encryption configuration error'.  This usually indicates a misconfiguration in the secure file.

      Agent upgrade have failed. For more details please check installations logs at /tmp/stage/5850_a791ff9f-2976-48aa-ae83-6938df8dd950/AgentUpgrade.log on server <server name>.


      The local AgentUpgrade.log shows everything went smoothly


      Installation Summary


      Name                        Level           Part        Event       Result


      bladelogic.rscd.rte-aix5.1        USR         APPLY       SUCCESS

      Agent upgrade completed successfully

      Starting RSCD service

      Starting Remote System Call Daemon (RSCD) ...

      RSCD service started


      There are no issues with the secure file and it obtains the correct default settings


      Within the console I see the server has dropped into our Agent not responding smartgroup. When I verify the server without making any other changes the server responds and is immediately available in the console.


      Is there a way to increase the number of attempts made to communicate with the server before the job fails?