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    AFT recursive FW with wildcards and file ageing

    Mark Francome
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      Ok, on Linux the user has the following requirement -


           1. File watch for new files that can be named the same as the old versions (my plan was to use Min file age).

           2. The files can be any name (*.*).

           3. Files can be in the main directory or in various recursive levels under that.

           4. User then wants to copy only the new files, overwriting pre-existing ones on the destination side.


      I have tested this using an AFT FW job, with wilcards and recursive 'on' and min_age set to 10 minutes. However the job just looks at the first file it lists in the initial directory and sees that it's older than 10 minutes and we go no further.


      Is there a simple way to do this, maybe using a rules file for FW? My Unix colleagues are suggesting the 'rsync' utility as an alternative.