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    Issues with Database Cleanup Script ISS04538056

      We are currently experiencing an issue with the database cleanup script for BladeLogic Server Automation 8.2.01.


      BMC support has stated that the issue is due to copied server groups where the original group is deleted that leads to the shared conditions flagging an issue during in database cleanup script.


      The resolution is delete the copied group and replace with a new group with identical conditions.


      I am struggling getting a response from BMC support on how to figure out which jobs are using said server group.


      I there an easy way to identify which jobs are using a particular server group, either through BLCLI or by querying the configuration database?


      Many Thanks in Advance

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          Bill Robinson

          WITH temp1 (group_id, path) AS


                      select group_id, cast(name as varchar(1000))

                         from blgroup bg1

                         where parent_group_id = 0 and group_type_id = 4

                         UNION ALL

                    select bg1.group_id,

                               cast(bg2.path || '/' || cast(bg1.name as varchar(100)) as varchar(1000))

                         from blgroup bg1

                         inner join temp1 bg2 on bg1.parent_group_id = bg2.group_id


          select temp1.path,j.name,g.name from job j

          join job_device_group jdg on j.job_id = jdg.job_id and j.job_version_id = jdg.job_version_id

          join blgroup g on jdg.group_id = g.group_id

          join temp1 on j.group_id = temp1.group_id;


          for sqlserver change the || to +


          you can add a filter on the blgroup.name or blgroup.group_id