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    Issue with Live Browse & components

    Sae Park

      Having some strange issues here and I was wondering if anyone else had same experience.


      We are currently using BSA 8.6 SP1


      When I live browse one of the many components that is a configuration file entry for a server, I do not see the actual value.


      However, when I right click and choose browse for the specific component, I see the value.



      Also, for Windows servers, when I right click on a Windows service that's a part of component, I don't have options to stop/start the service. (But I can in the component browse view)


      It seems to work fine for Linux servers.



      Is this a known thing?

      Has anyone experienced similar issues?



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          Bill Robinson

          for both i see the same thing.  does it matter though, if you are browsed into the server, then the configuration/services section is right there.  why would you access it through the component ?  if you live browse the component from the components space it works.

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            Sae Park

            Hi, Bill,

            It's really for the user experience as well as consistency.

            People from platform team have access to live view of the server, but for other teams, they do not.

            When different teams get together and look at components from 2 different perspective, it often creates confusion since they are not seeing the same thing until they specify which view they are looking at.


            Also, for platform teams, they often look at the values of multiple components rather than just one.

            So being able to go through all the values from live server view, instead of going through each component will be much easier for them.


            Thanks and happy thanksgiving!

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              Bill Robinson

              submit a ticket to support and they can file a defect.