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    How to get NSH Script Job Name within NSH Script Job

    Bala Dengale

      Hi All,


      I am struggling to access NSH Script Job custom Local properties.


      To access these custom properties I am using getFullyResolvedPropertyValue BLCLI but it need path and job name for as input.


      I am trying to retrive these details within NSH Script but no success, Any API/approach to get these details?


      I tried first passing these custom properties / built in properties like ??NAME?? as input to script job but its failing with error:

      "Property XXX does not exists for objects of type 'DeployedPackage'"


      We could not add property under DeployPackage class because we want to change this proeperty during each execution.


      Any help to read either these properties directly or get Job Name to use BLCLI to retrive it