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    Question - BSA console - multiple versions&multiple environments - same pc

    Frederic Renaud



      We are planning a migration from BSA v8.3 SP3 to BSA v8.6 SP1 and then to BSA v8.7.  We have 3 environments that we need to connect to and they are part of a life cycle (test -> dev -> prod).  They won't be migrated at the same time.  We need to be able to connect to all of them from the same pc with the console and NSH. Ideally at the same time.


      Right now, we only have one console version installed, to be able to connect to different environments from our NSH client, we replace the secure file every time we launch NSH so that it have the right auth_profile value.  By doing so, only one NSH environment can be reached at the time.  This may not be the best way, but it's the only one that we found.


      For our previous upgrade, I managed to test the multiple versions by using a VM in VMWare player installed locally on my PC.  We've got a bunch of people that will need to test and connect to all environments, having them install a VM is out of the question.   We're also thinking about having a citrix server or RDP to a jump point where they could test the new version, but since we need a VPN to connect to our app servers, we're not sure how a VPN connection would impact the other users on the same VM.


      So I'm wondering, what would be the best way/recommended way to connect to multiple BSA environments with multiple console versions installed on the same PC and have the NSH client working for all environments/versions, ideally at the same time if possible.