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    How to use assign operater in compliance ?

    Steffen Kreis



      we are using Compliance&Remediation to deploy the EOL/Extended Patches for Windows Server 2003 and we are also looking into using it for Deploying Windows Server Patches that would require multiple reboots (like we currently see again with MS15-122,MS15-121,MS15-115)


      We are using the following loop construct in order to check if a certain patch exists.


         exists "Windows Application:*" where

            @Name@ contains "KB123456"



      This is causing that the rule results contain all Applications that are installed.

      From my perspective this is causing a lot of overhead and the DB Table "COMP_ENTRY_RESULT_DETAIL" is already the biggest one in our DB (31 GB with a 90 days retention)


      From the docs i have the understanding that the "assign" operator can help to tackle that, but i have no clue how to use it in the above scenario.


      ".....The assign operator can be used to assign a transient value that is not saved to the database, but rather temporarily stored only for the duration of rule execution. Use this operator if you want to avoid unnecessary storage of data in the database and do not plan to perform remediation based on the results of the compliance rule analysis...."


      Any help is much appreciated. Oh, this is for BSA 8.6.1 btw